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30 July 2008 @ 04:40 pm
No hangover and mad photoshop skillz!  
Sorry for last night's post.  I'm glad to see that I didn't do anything embarrassing like post any inappropriate photos (I was tempted to put some body parts on my scanner and post them but THANK GOD I changed my mind!!)   I woke up just fine; no headache or anything.  As great as that sounds it has the effect of totally encouraging me to do it again.  Lord knows I don't need that!!

My beautiful and talented (and apparently sick and twisted) (not a surprise when you consider who her mother is) sent me an example of her computer skills.  Dad hasn't seen it yet, so here's an exclusive for you:

It would seem that fifteen years of living with me and my demented sense of humor has had an effect on her!  I am starting a collection for the bail money that she will (I'm sure) eventually need.  Please send it to WhatHaveIDoneWrong.com.  Thank you in advance!

I'm off to knit on my Monkey socks now.  I think it might be safe today!